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Are you interested in sailing? Are you willing and able to be an active participant as crew? Do you have a sailboat and are willing to take Club
Members as crew?

If you’re looking to learn to sail or just want to hang out and sail with some great folks, we would love to have you. Please join us for an upcoming event. Our membership fee is $60 annually. Membership runs from October 1 through September 30, but the last official meeting before summer is May. You can view the calendar page to see when and where our upcoming meetings are held. Contact Membership Directors for partial year prorated fee.

Guests are invited to TGIF on the first Friday of every month and/or the membership meetings on the third Thursday (September - May). In order to join us in any other event or sail you must have submitted your membership application and payment at a membership meeting. Contact us at sailingsingles1@gmail.com

Even if you're a snowbird you'll have great value from your annual $60 membership and can look forward to sailing with us year after year.

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