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As events are sent out in Heads Up they will be added to the website, so check back frequently to see what we're up to. TGIF and Membership meetings are the ONLY events open to guests, unless otherwise specified.

You must be a member to sign up for sails and IT IS YOUR responsibility to contact the Cruise Director if your availability changes after you sign up.

If you'd like to crew on a boat and are available for impromptu sails,
email the Cruise Director   

5:00pm • the Iguana Mia, Fort Myers • 4329 South Cleveland Ave. 239-939-7130. Iguana Mia is just southof Edison Mall and next to Hooters.

4-5:30pm • Early Bird Specials - Cape Ccabaret with Music by Joe MArino & All the Kings Men. 472 Vincennes Blvd.
5:30p or later - full price menu
Happy Hour 4p - 6p RSVP to Kathy WHite

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